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What Is SUDS Bond? 

Made from a combination of recycled tire granules and decorative aggregates, SUDS Bond is an innovative water-permeable rubber paving solution, providing a versatile and eco-friendly surface.

Specifically designed to support a variety of traffic types including, but not limited to, pedestrians & bicycles, SUDS Bond is exceptionally accommodating for a range of uses. It’s particularly beneficial for accessibility, meeting standards for wheelchair users, prams, and buggies, making it a versatile option for a wide array of projects in community and educational environments.

Aside from its practicality, SUDS Bond has exceptional permeable properties which help to tackle flooding issues with excellent drainage.

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Benefits Of Using SUDS Bond

Traditional paving surfaces which are typically non-permeable, frequently cause an excessive amount of water runoff. In contrast, SUDS Bond facilitates efficient water drainage which significantly reduces the chance of flooding. This often removes the need for further complex building projects to install additional drainage.

Adhering to the BS EN 14877 standard and surpassing recommended water infiltration rates, it not only promises reliability but also delivers an eco-conscious solution by repurposing difficult-to-manage tyre waste. In addition to the permeable qualities, SUDS Bond is an excellent choice for health and safety because of its effective health and safety protocols, soft-to-touch surface composed primarily of rubber, high rebound rate, and impact-absorbing capabilities. This is useful in children’s play parks and school playground environments, offering an additional layer of safety for children to play & have fun without worrying.

The mixture of safety, resilience and environmental responsibility makes SUDS Bond the material of choice for those looking to mitigate water management challenges while committing to sustainability, and offering a safe surface to walk, ride & play on.

How SUDS Bond Can Be Used

SUDS Bond is a versatile paving solution that can be used for a variety of applications, enhancing both functionality and appearance in most developments. Its robust and permeable nature makes it perfect for constructing pathways, adventure trails, and adventure parks where eco-friendliness and durability are top priority. The accessibility benefits of SUDS Bond surfacing make it the perfect choice for creating environments that can accommodate wheelchair users, prams, and heavy foot traffic areas, such as playgrounds.

Its ability to help facilitate water drainage makes it a practical solution for car parks, playgrounds, and daily mile tracks, amongst other surfaces where water runoff is an issue. Its quick installation process that often requires just one site visit ensures minimal disruption, making it a convenient option for educational & community projects where access and minimal disturbance are of key importance.

Available Colours

Please note: Additional colours are available on request, along with custom mixtures.


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