Artificial grass doesn’t need much explanation, it’s much like the real thing but without many of the downfalls – no mud involved, it drains water much quicker, easy to install, little to no maintenance… the list goes on.

Artificial grass is made up from UV-resistant material that won’t fade or otherwise deteriorate over the years, keeping your “grass” area looking it’s best from the moment it’s installed. The material also boasts child and pet friendly properties so you don’t have to worry about children or animals getting up close with it.

We’re finding that artificial grass is becoming increasingly popular in nursery and school environments, used to provide a real grass experience, without many of the drawbacks that real grass brings with it. We can install small grass-like sections inside of soft play areas for a diverse feel, or convert entire fields for a more convenient all-weather solution.

The all weather properties of artificial grass are making it a popular choice for sports areas in both educational settings and private gyms and other athletic/sporty setups.

The installation process for artificial grass lands somewhere in the mediocre range. It requires some level of work to the surface it’s installed on top of, usually to flatten it and ensure a smooth finish is possible once installed. Once installed, we recommend leaving your artificial grass for 24 hours before use to allow the install materials to set.

Our artificial grass surfaces are made from top-quality materials that are tried, tested, and proven to be of premium quality and durability. We purchase these materials directly from the suppliers themselves in order to ensure that we beaten on price. This also allows us to offer a solution for almost any budget and certainly for any size project.


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