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Rubber mulch is a hard-wearing, soft rubberised surface composed of bound shredded rubber in a variety of colors. Designed for playgrounds and other areas where children play, it provides a safe, durable surface.

Most commonly found in school playgrounds, nursery outdoor areas and certain sections of children’s play parks. It’s soft texture and rubberised resistance to impact not only makes it non hazardous to children, but actually acts as a soft impact barrier to gentle tumbles and falls.

Another great application for rubber mulch is uneven terrain or those difficult to get to spots. Having such versatile properties rubber mulch can be applied to almost any ground with little to no preparation and has a high resistance to undergrowth sprouting through thanks to pre-installation membrane, the perfect material for exterior paths, tracks or perimeter areas.

As well as being a perfect fit for many solutions, rubber mulch is also environmentally friendly. Made up from recycled tyres shredded up into bark-like pieces before being bonded together to make the finished rubber mulch product.

Rubber mulch can often be a cheaper alternative to wet pour material (a similar rubberised surface) due to the lack of groundworks required prior to installation. If any groundworks are required, due to the installation methods of rubber mulch, they would typically be much shallower and often classed as surface level.

During installation, the rubber mixture is prepared freshly on site before being spread out evenly over the project area. Once the installers are happy with the flat surface finish, the mixture is then left to set for 24 hours.

The average lifespan of rubber mulch is somewhere between 8 – 10 years depending on the placement, average use and other variable factors. Although typically, it’s very long time before it needs replacing.

In comparison to traditional bark mulch which degrades and erodes over a 4 – 6 year period, rubber mulch is far superior in longevity and overall performance.

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