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Play Towers

Play towers offer a variety of play equipment incorporated into a single tower-like structure. Often including climbing walls, log climbers, connecting walkways, fireman poles, slides, climbing rope, steps and a variety of other additions. We offer a variety of play towers, with a range of styles and different layouts to suit every purpose and age group.

Play towers are often installed on a soft-touch or fall-resistant material to prevent any injury. All of our play towers are rigorously tested and conform to all standards of health & safety for children and educational environments.

With a variety of play towers available and ready to install, our design team will get an understanding of the purpose behind your play tower and help you in choosing the correct layout for it’s intended use. Our designers can also help you determine whether your play tower will best serve a younger or older audience.

Some of the additional benefits play towers bring to your outdoor area;

Increased physical activity – Play towers motivate children to play, which is great for encouraging physical activity. They even work the whole body – core, upper body strength, stability, endurance, coordination and balance.

Individual learning – Facing physical challenges can encourage children to decide on a strategy to overcome the challenge without guidance and support.

Increase fun-factor of outdoor space – It’s no secret children like to play. Utilising your available space and incorporating play towers is sure to deliver that fun-factor whilst taking up much less space than individual play equipment.

Promoting peer to peer interaction – Play towers are naturally going to be shared, it’s very rare you see a single child playing on a tower by themselves. Encouraging peer to peer interaction naturally improves children’s communication skills.

Available Play Towers