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Wet pour is soft rubberised surface often seen in a range of colours. Made up of recycled rubber ground down into small pellets before being mixed together, this material allows for a great degree of customisation when it comes to design.

Wet pour, available in the biggest selection of colours for any of the surfaces we provide, is often the material of choice if a colorful play area is the design you’re looking for. We can even incorporate detailed artwork such as school logos and names, giving your outdoor area a personal touch.

The recycled rubber material used to make wet pour has fantastic properties for children’s play areas, having a soft feel with no abrasiveness, a sponge like step to it and resistant to light impact.

We offer wet pour in a variety of ways, if you want 4 different colours mixed, we’ll provide that. If you’re just after the 1 colour throughout, no problem. However you want your playground to look in terms of colour and design, we can achieve that with wet pour.

Thanks to its versatility, wet pour is a popular surface for outlined play areas, pitches and other visually represented games, such as hopscotch. The variety of colour will enable you to further customise your new outdoor area to match your school colour scheme if you choose.

The installation of wet pour will vary depending on the nature of your outdoor area and whether or not you’ll be having physical play equipment installed in the wet pour area. The difference being a single vs double-layered installation process.

The pre-requisite ground work for wet pour, unlike rubber mulch, is much more hands on. Wet pour can only be installed on a bed of compatible material (stone or macadam) which will need to be installed on relatively flat and well prepared surface.

This can lead to a longer installation time than some of our other surfaces, but well worth the process if we do say so ourselves.

Available Colours

Example Installation Types

Wetpour Onto Concrete

Wetpour Onto Concrete (No CFH)

Wetpour Onto Drainage

Wetpour Onto Flags

Wetpour Over Mound


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